Posted: Mon, 04/17/2006 - 1:09pm

Since we have PP in St. Louis, KC, Springfield, Joplin and Lake of the Ozarks, I wanted to see how much interest there would be in a "Missouri Tournament"? Columbia would be a good central point for the tourney and it doesn't have to be for points since the point structures are different. Since I am not a PP employee, I can't speak for PP setting this up or facilitating the tournament in any way, but I have an idea as to how to put this together. I'd just like to see how many from each city would be interested in participating in such an event. July 1st sounds like a good date to me as this should give plenty of time to put such an even together. If you play in MO and are interested in participating to see who is the best in MO, reply to this thread. If anyone from the PP would like to hear my ideas, please let me know.

ohnoyouagain (not verified)
Posted: Tue, 04/18/2006 - 12:32am

Let's take it one step further...I would love to see the hosts/employees/franchise owners compete as well! I for one would volunteer to work that tourney so that the PP folks could play.

Posted: Wed, 04/19/2006 - 12:56pm

Wow - no one is interested? I thought the folks in St. Louis would jump at the chance to prove they are better than the players in KC, but I guess not. Maybe they are scared? :smile:

Posted: Wed, 04/19/2006 - 4:36pm

Kc-pacerfan, it's probably because aside from the 2005 National Championship, KC players have won everything that TPP has to offer: Camps Hellmuth and Lederer, WPT Boot Camp... where are you at St. Louis?


Posted: Wed, 04/19/2006 - 11:06pm

We have been toying with the idea of an I-70 challenge for quite awhile!!!

After we get through the 2006 WSOP..I'm planning on dedicating 147.5% of my time getting it going.

Yes, KC has won all the KC based tourney's...but the player ratio has been 20-1...pretty hard odds!! Don't get me wrong, KC has some amazing players..I play at Johnny's every time I visit and enjoy the competition!!

I want to get equal amounts of players from every league in the Missouri area to play for the "Best of Mo" bragging rights.....maybe even get a staff/owners tourney in there too!!!

Are you game????


Posted: Thu, 04/20/2006 - 8:58am

Don't forget, Topeka's on I-70 also!

Posted: Thu, 04/20/2006 - 1:52pm

Kristan - I'm all for an employee tourney! -Laurie

ohnoyouagain (not verified)
Posted: Thu, 04/20/2006 - 2:01pm

One word for the Staff/Owners tourney:


Posted: Thu, 04/20/2006 - 2:08pm

How about an "Employee vs Players" tourney. That would be fun with equal number of people on each side.

Not sure how to pick the players but maybe the dealers could pick the people they think are solid players or something.

Posted: Thu, 04/20/2006 - 2:16pm

How about having a Missouri Tournament and having the top 25 or so from that tournament play against the PP employees in a 2nd tournament. I have a great idea how to pull this off if anyone from PP is interested in this at all.

Posted: Thu, 04/20/2006 - 3:04pm

Sounds good to me KC-pacerfan.

My head is spinning at the prizes and sidebets.

Like . . . Kristan has to personally bring beer all night to the person who knocks her off.

Or maybe . . . well, you get the idea.

Posted: Thu, 04/20/2006 - 5:17pm

I love it...keep the ideas coming!!

OhNoYouAgain...watch it!! I think YOU remember the invitational at Shrewsbury, when the Poker Pub Employee team kicked everyones arse!!!

ohnoyouagain (not verified)
Posted: Thu, 04/20/2006 - 6:01pm

thepokerpubstl wrote:
I love it...keep the ideas coming!!

OhNoYouAgain...watch it!! I think YOU remember the invitational at Shrewsbury, when the Poker Pub Employee team kicked everyones arse!!!

What did I say? I'm just suggesting an all around game:

S.(even stud high), (Seven stud )
E.(ight or better)

I would like to see a rematch as far as the team tourney went!

See you tonight hopefully!

Posted: Fri, 04/21/2006 - 12:50pm

I was talking about the tourney..not horse :razz: Sorry I couldn't make it to SL last night..haven't seen you in 4-ever!! Maybe tonight after the radio spot!

If your interested we'll be on the Glover (97.1 FM) show tonight from 4p-7p pumping TPP!!! Call in and let STL know how much we ROCK!!!!


Posted: Wed, 04/26/2006 - 10:02am

For what it's worth, like 'ohnoyouagain', I'd also be willing to work a tourney so the PP crew could play if that helps any.

:twisted: Of course my first choice would be to play against them and maybe , just maybe ONCE knock Kristan out of a tourney.

:roll: (I love ya' kiddo but you're just too damned mean to me at the table)

Posted: Wed, 04/26/2006 - 11:05am

I would like to help out as well....and I would like to play in any I-70 tourney...if nothing more than to have never1 hear me "whine"....

all part of the game never1...I knew someone at the table didn't like it and would play more aggressive at me if I did that...didn't think you would be bothered by it brother...sorry!


Posted: Wed, 04/26/2006 - 11:19am

I'm glad we have so much input on this. Let's do it! I went to school at Mizzou, and all I ever heard was how much better St. Louise was than KC... Kristan, Melissa, Andy, Leo, Zac, LET'S DO IT!

Posted: Fri, 04/28/2006 - 1:10am

Thanks to everyone for their imput!!!! Once we get through Vegas...we'll get on it!

I'd like to se something materialize by the end of summer!!!!

I'll be in KC this Monday night..where is everyone playing??

PS..Shortround, I don't just pick on you....I pick on everyone!!!!! :twisted:

Posted: Fri, 04/28/2006 - 8:17am

There is a pretty good group over at the office bar, but it is not a very big tourney. We do have fun though not to much stupidity involved usually!

Posted: Sun, 04/30/2006 - 8:40pm

Hey sounds good to me too! STL ROCKS!

Posted: Mon, 06/12/2006 - 12:48pm

147.50% not 148.99%?? K????? SLAQQER

Posted: Tue, 07/11/2006 - 11:54am

Hey everybody, haven't heard about this in months! What's the deal Kristan, Leo, Melissa or Melissa? I think pokerdouche has a better chance of getting this set up than you guys!


Posted: Tue, 07/11/2006 - 4:34pm

We will be having an I-70 tournament. After the Vegas Tournament in July, we'll start focusing on getting this put together. Keep checking your location Poker Pub web page for any further details!

Posted: Sun, 07/16/2006 - 1:49am

Columbia is middle of the road. I think I know someone with connections in boonville. just west of Columbia!

Posted: Wed, 07/19/2006 - 11:04am

A missouri tourney sounds great. St.Louise is a fun city and I'm sure Kristan will set us up with some sweet places to party.

If not, we can cross the river and hit Oz and the clubs behind Oz.

Posted: Wed, 08/23/2006 - 4:32pm

:lol: Where are we with this? I'd really like to see a competition between cities.

Posted: Thu, 08/24/2006 - 4:02pm

To give you an update, Kristan from St. Louis is in KC and will be meeting with me today to iron out some of the details, and start putting the plan in motion. We're aiming for a weekend in late September. We should know more by next week. Keep checking your regions web page for more info. It will be announced soon!!

Posted: Sun, 09/03/2006 - 1:43pm

Invitational tournament?!?!?! :shock: Why wasn't I invited! :sad: I hope I get in the next one, I think I have beaten every employee except Brian. P.S. Been awhile since my last post, work forbids logging on to forums!!!! Got to go!

Posted: Sun, 09/10/2006 - 2:16am

Hey Never1 - who said you weren't invited? I don't think invitations are out yet! We're getting closer to getting the logistics worked out!

Posted: Thu, 02/01/2007 - 3:57pm

Anything new as far as the Missouri Tournament is concerned?