Posted: Fri, 02/25/2005 - 9:31pm

Phil Ivey is clearly the best up and coming poker player.

Not a chance
Posted: Tue, 04/12/2005 - 2:28pm

Phil is good but he can't seal the deal on the big games... He makes too many misreads and cannot get out of the pot when he knows he is beat..

Posted: Wed, 10/26/2005 - 7:02pm

My favorite is Chris Moneymaker

Posted: Wed, 10/26/2005 - 7:36pm

I think Chris Moneymaker's time has come and gone. But I'm not trashing him, he just had his time in the spotlight. Its the players like Howard Lederer , his sister Anne Duke, Phil Ivey and Chris Ferguson that are top notch players.

Posted: Wed, 10/26/2005 - 10:47pm

The best player is hands down Minh "the master"

that little guy is the new scotty ngyuen

cant not love a dude that can drink, play wasted, and still win a tournament!!!!!!!!

If he and scotty played poker pub they would win every game every night

Posted: Thu, 10/27/2005 - 10:53am

I like Chris Moneymaker as a fan. I know he hasn't been in the spotlight much since winning the championship, but I still pull for him. As for the BEST player, I think Howard Lederer is one of the best.

Posted: Thu, 10/27/2005 - 10:55am

greg raymer is really impressing me this year at the WSOP, so is the mouth....even though I know who wins...woot

Posted: Sat, 10/29/2005 - 9:26pm

doesnt greg raymer win again?

that fat dude sure can play his cards

Posted: Mon, 10/31/2005 - 2:14am

Raymer does not win again, but give the guy credit where credit is due. The numbers from last year's WSOP were astounding.. then nearly triple it for this year... and look how far he made it. He's not a flash in the pan like Moneymaker.

Posted: Fri, 02/24/2006 - 7:12pm

Ivey is awesome. He has had some terrible luck in the WPT. He is very calculating. He changes his game when necessary and knows his opponents. I'll take Ivey, you can have Moneymaker. Second favorite is Mike the mouth... he reads players like no one else and puts the pressure on his opponent. If you don't like watching Mikie play, you don't like No-Limit Hold 'em.

Posted: Sat, 02/25/2006 - 12:35pm

I agree about Mike The Mouth. I used to hate him, but he really knows how to talk to get under players skin and I by watching how players handle it I have learned to play around the trash talk. Although it is a little easier for me, I'll just turn my hearing aid off!! 8)

Posted: Sat, 02/25/2006 - 6:28pm

i was going to have a built in ignore

Poison Ivey.
Posted: Wed, 01/20/2010 - 5:56pm

Stay away from that man.  Only luck can beat him.  He made final table of this year's WSOP main event!  It doesn't get more impressive than that!

I really like the fact that he doesn't talk all that bratty garbage, he is respectfull, yet his stare is deadly.  Relax - eat an apple - and enjoy the game Phil!  what other young player gets the respect of the old elders?  see his cheering squad?  that is so special.....

Posted: Fri, 02/12/2010 - 5:34pm

greg raymer was known for awhile as just a lucky winner like moneymaker. I think moneymaker is a terrible player in my eyes. and raymer is definitly not just a lucky player. he has made deep tournaments often and is a very under rated player

best player?
Posted: Fri, 02/12/2010 - 5:38pm

as far as the best player it depends on what game you are speaking off. if you are talking about the all round best phil ivey is clearly the best. he knows every poker game there is and is not only good, but great at all the games! now if your talking about the best holdem player i would have to say danny negreanu! his reads are ridiculous, he knows all odds, and knows when to holdem and foldem. He is a great at cash games and tournaments. i idolize him in my play. but this question needs to be more in depth. i also think there are players better in tourneys than cash games. such as hellmuth. i think i would crush him in a cash game, but as far as tourneys he would crush me.