Posted: Thu, 06/05/2008 - 2:06pm

I just wanted to say Thank You to Poker Pub. I had a great trip. Things did not work out the way I wanted but it was still a once in a lifetime experience.

 AP's tale of the WSOP.

 Well things did not start off to well when I had A's cracked in the first 5 minutes. I lost 1200 of my 3000 starting chip stack. I still feel I played it well. I bet every step I was in the lead and then did not fall for his trap when I checked on the river when he caught 2 pair. I was not getting cards and they where all coming after the short stack after that. I then miss played a hand when I lost by the Kicker when both of us hit an ace on flop. I had a tight image and an all in move would have pushed him off the hand. When we got to the first break after 2 hours of playing. I was down to 900 in chips. I left the table a little early because I was on the verge of going on tilt. Every worse case scenario I had run through my head was unfolding in front of me.

Now the part of the story I'm at least a little proud of. I then used the tight image to my advantage and went after as many small pots as I could. I fought hard over the next two hours and when we had the next break after hour four. I was up to $3700 in chips and had taken out 2 players. Once with A-Q vs. A-5 and then pocket 6's vs. pocket 8's when I hit a set on the flop.

When we started level 5 The Blinds where $150 & $300 with a $25 ante. I was still not hitting any cards and I then made a move on a guy that I was putting on a mid pocket pair. I had A-Q if he lays it down I pick up about $2500. With his calling my all in I was getting 3 to 1 on my money with a 50/50 shot. I was right he had pocket 9's and he made the call. I then watched as 5 blanks came out. I felt pretty bad walked out side and just sat down.

I then started to think about things. After the A's being cracked. I did not see a pocket pair bigger then the 6's or even an A-K or even an A-J in the entire 5+ hours that I played (I did get A-Q twice). I played like crap for the first 2 hours and was not playing my game. Even with all of that. I hung with the best in the world for almost 5 hours. I fought my ass off to stay in that game and to try and get myself in to a position to start accumulating some chips. I did not have the chips to bluff a big pot. So I needed the cards and they just did not come. 2100 people started that day and when level 4 was over they where down to 700. So I don't know exactly where I finished but it was at least in the top 3rd.

I got to see over 50 of the big time Poker Pros. Jennifer Harmon's husband Marco was even at my table. I also got to walk around some of the cash games that had people with more money in front of them then I make in a year. I had my whole table shake my hand when I left and said that I fought the good fight. I will say that the memory I will take away from this the most is my father. My dad and step mom flew out from Ohio to watch me play. He stood on that rail for most of the day. When people would ask him are you just watching or do you know somebody. I would see him smile and point at me and say thats my son. He just looked so proud. So for all the memories I want to say thank you to Poker Pub for that one the most.

For those of you that are already going or if you are even thinking about it. Let me know and we can talk. I learned allot and it is a much different game then anything I have played before. I will tell you everything I picked up and you will be at least a little more ready when you go.

Will tell more about the trip later. This has gotten long enough.



Good job!
Posted: Thu, 06/19/2008 - 11:52pm



Must have been a great experience for you. I've always thought how brutal it would be to make every possible good and correct preparation to get into the WSOP and have Aces in one of the first hands and be forced to bet most of, if not all, your chips, then lose them. Guess that happened to you. Just think if you had won that hand and got at least one other well-hidden good hand in the first hour or two.

Anyone that makes it to the final table must have had some incredible luck and more than a few lucky draws or suckouts because the premium hands just don't come along that often.

Who else did you see and what moves did they make?

Anyway, good job and hope to see you there next year.


Redd Dogg,  in the Colorado mountains as you bake in the valley for the summer.