Negreanu Winner


Negreanu Winner!!

The results are in, and the Poker Pub National Winner for the Daniel Negreanu Tournament is:

Steve Shute from Kansas City!!!!

Steve will advance to an on-line tournament of 10 players and if he wins, will then be headed to the Bahamas to play in a LIVE tournament!!!

Congratulations to ALL of the players who played!

  • 1st Steve Shute, Kansas City
  • 2nd Clair "butch" Hobel, Sierra Vista, AZ
  • 3rd Tashia Paley, East Phoenix, AZ
  • 4th Scott Proud, Tucson, AZ
  • 5th Omar Dahdal, West Phoenix, AZ
  • 6th Jamal Yoder, St. Louis County, MO
  • 7th Renee Shoushani, East Phoenix, AZ
  • 8th Ellis Burrows, NW Arkansas


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